Superhero Party Pack


It’s time to spice your kid’s party up! What better way than to give them a personalized party favour? Simply purchase the package. Download all the files as it contains instructions and terms and conditions!

  1. Print the images you paid for
  2. Read the instruction sheet clearly
  3. Get the kids to colour 10 pages in. These 10 will become the party favours that will turn into pillows.
  4. Scan the images and email back to us or alternatively ship them to us if you don’t have a scanner.
  5. Wait roughly 2- 4 weeks for your 10 pillows to arrive! Select which method in payment on how you want them sent!

Only 10 pillows will be made. Images must be printed on A4 white paper. The size of the image printed will roughly be the size of the doll. Printed onto Cotton Twill with a white backing.  Colour and size slightly vary when printed