“Play your card” game set


Mental health is of the utmost importance for our children, a generation bombarded with technology. Children often don’t understand or are able to communicate how they are feeling. This game was designed as a communication tool between the child and adult. It teaches children how to come to understand what emotion they are feeling, and then allows the parent to help them find a solution for the emotion. It was designed to be played as the name states: Play your card.

When the child is feeling upset or overwhelmed with emotion the parent tells the child to “Play your card”. The child then will go through the list of 32 cards to choose the emotion they are feeling. It is then the parents turn to play their card and, with the child, they go through the list of cards and choose one card that will help them with the emotion they are feeling. This soon teaches the child how they can regulate their own emotions. Most importantly it allows the parents to get a better understanding of how the child is feeling.

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