Magnetic Daily Picture planner – English


These gorgeous picture magnets are perfect for your little one to visually plan their day.

1 x Flexible magnet – 35cm x 35cm (Goes onto the fridge or if you want it to be in a bedroom it is the perfect size to fit onto a parrot magnetic whiteboard available at takealot for R149)

Individual magnets as follows:

  1.  x 1  of all: Cycling, OT, Swimming, Cricket, Judo, Tennis, Chess, Soccer, Rugby, Dance, Music, Ballet, sports, horse riding, Project, Test, PE, Reading, tuckshop, weekend, playdate, Road trip, church, clean room, shops, braai, Birthday, Party, hair cut, library, doctor, granny, grandpa, grandparents, Holiday, school, school uniform, homework, aftercare, TV, Playtime,
  2.  x 5 of all: remember, blanks,
  3.  x 1 of all: bedtime, bath, get dressed, wake up, naptime, lunch, breakfast, dinner, snack
  4.  x 2 Brush teeth
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