Magnetic Weekly Picture Planner – English


These gorgeous picture magnets are perfect for your little one to visually plan their week.

1 x Flexible magnet – 35cm x 35cm (Goes onto the fridge or if you want it to be in a bedroom it is the perfect size to fit onto a parrot magnetic whiteboard available at takealot for R149)

117 x individual magnets as follows:

  1.  x 2  of all: Cycling, OT, Swimming, Cricket, Judo, Tennis, Chess, Soccer, Rugby, Dance, Music, Ballet, sports, horse riding
  2.  X2 of all: Project, Test, PE, Reading, tuckshop, weekend, playdate, Road trip, church, clean room, shops, braai
  3.  X 1 of all: Birthday, Party, hair cut, library, doctor, granny, grandpa, grandparents
  4.  x 9 Holiday
  5.  x 5 of all: remember, blanks, school, school uniform, homework, aftercare
  6.  x 7 of all: TV, Playtime
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